BioQuip Monthly Specials

Product Special

Micro Dissection Kit $34.30 ($40.40)

High-quality dissecting kit with well-made stainless steel tools. This kit is designed for those who perform close, careful work with very small specimens, frequently under magnification…. Read More


Book Special

Explorers’ Sketchbooks: The Art of Discovery & Adventure$31.45 ($34.95)

2017, 320 pages, color illustrations on almost every page. Have you ever wanted to reach out and touch a priceless artifact in a museum only to have your dreams foiled by a pane of glass? Well, not anymore. This book allows you to reach through the glass and turn the pages in the sketchbooks, field notebooks and journals of some of history’s greatest explorers.

For centuries, brave souls have traveled the world in search of knowledge and adventure. One vital piece of equipment has been a constant in every explorer’s kit – the journal of their travels… Read More