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Collapsible Net Set

This unique, lightweight, collapsible net set allows you to pack a complete insect collecting net in a backpack or luggage. Easily assembled in the field, the 15” diameter collapsible ring with 5” aluminum handle and white polyester bag can be used alone or easily extended with one or both of the 24” snap-together handle extensions. The set weighs a mere 14 oz.

The set includes the following items… Read More

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Book Special

Insects Did It First
by Gregory S. Paulson and Eric R. Eaton

2018, 156 pages, black and white line drawing illustrations. Illustrations by E. Paul Catts.

Insects Did It First is a fascinating and enjoyable account of more than eighty insect “firsts”. Velcro, bungee jumping, air-conditioning, and chemical warfare are just a few of the many “firsts” covered in this book written by two professional entomologists. The text is illustrated with humorous anthropomorphized insects.

The book is written for a general audience, but it is also of special interest to professional entomologists and enthusiasts, teachers and students. Paperback; 6 x 9”. …. View Product

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Collecting Equipment & Supplies

InsectaVac Aspirator


Collecting Equipment & Supplies

1135A Aspirator


Mounting & Curating Equip & Supplies

Rose Entomology* Pinned Specimen Manipulator


Outdoor Gear & Clothing

Bee Veil & Helmet


Botany Equipment & Supplies

Specimen Data Labels


Collecting Equipment & Supplies

Blowing Aspirator


Collecting Equipment & Supplies

DC Jump Cord


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Vinyl Props


Mounting & Curating Equip & Supplies

1145 Pinning Block


Mounting & Curating Equip & Supplies

1208S Series Insect Pins


Mugs & Glassware

Darwin Pint Glass


Lepidoptera (Butterflies & Moths)